parkway pics

The Blue Ridge Parkway is an amazingly beautiful stretch of “leisure road,” taking up where the Skyline Drive ends in Waynesboro, VA and winding 469 miles south to the Great Smokey Mountains in NC.  From our home near Danville, VA, we have about an hour and a half drive to reach Meadows of Dan, where the parkway’s mile marker-178 beckons us to leave the rush behind, and for as many miles as we dare, enjoy the slower pace of laid-back scenic awesomeness.

I don’t believe we’ve ever driven any other vehicle to the parkway – For our family, the old bus embodies the spirit of a day off, where the only plan is to unwind and drink in the beauty of God’s creation.  Neither fast nor flashy, the bus offers us the perfect low-budget escape to make a day on the parkway enjoyable.  With enough room for a family to be comfortable traveling, a fully stocked and equipped kitchen, and the all important porta-potti, we have everything we need to explore this relaxing stretch of road – however far we decide to follow it.

The collage of pictures below span from 2008 thru 2012 and are in random order. Click any pic to view as a slideshow.


4 thoughts on “parkway pics

  1. Hallie

    love it daddy

  2. Lori

    love it!

  3. Love the pics! Love the bus!

  4. Tobi

    Like this one too 🙂

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