VW bus adventures


Roll along with us in our custom-built `73 Volkswagen bus camper!


– the build –

– in & out pics –

– camping pics –

– geocaching with the bus –

– parkway pics –

– the photogenic bus –


The bus that we now enjoy is the result of an ongoing labor of love – an extremely low-budget labor of love. Paid nothing, reused as much as possible, built most of what was needed, and bought very little.  It was an exercise in creativity that I undertook hoping to present my kids with the fact that you can invest sweat equity into something you believe in, and eventually enjoy the fruits of your labor.

This bus has become our default “go-to” vehicle for those days when we have the luxury of enjoying the ride, rather than just rushing from one appointment to the next. It’s a fully self-contained camper that is always ready for those spur-of-the-moment excursions off the beaten path.  It was my home away from home while visiting my sick mother in the hospital.  It  has made the trip to PA and back more times than I can count, loaded with family, pets, and way more stuff than we ever needed for a weekend visit.  It has moved furniture, hauled sound equipment, and clawed it’s way up mountains and along 4-wheeler trails where “normal” vehicles wouldn’t venture.

Never mind the fact that this bus has over 200,000 miles on it, or that it’s old school air-cooled engine doesn’t even have a radiator, or that it’s older than 99.9% of the cars it passes – Our bus has been ultimately reliable!  It has never left us sitting along the road, and on many occasions was called upon when our “real” cars gave up.  Simply put, It just always goes.

My plan is to continue to treat it as one of our own, giving it the love and ongoing attention that any faithful steed deserves.


Neon bus


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