“One man’s junk is another man’s ….well, whatever he needs it to be at that moment.”   ~Klaussinator
“I have a Leatherman tool:  I can fix the world!”   ~Klaussinator

I’ve been called a lot of things in my lifetime, and many I choose to forget.  But the one name I hear most is “McGuyver.”  Admittedly, I don’t believe I’ve ever watched an episode, but I get it.  Some dorky guy who has to “create” his way out what whatever he’s facing-  Yupp, that’d be me.  The dude that everybody hollars for when something’s broke, when someone is locked out, or when that big expensive piece of equipment just needs to be hit with a hammer.  Yes I consider the words “Just throw it in the garbage” to be a challenge.  To me this is an opportunity to either bring it back to life, or to turn it into something new.

Two hot buzzwords today are “repurposing” and “DIY.”  I believe they go hand-in-hand, because to repurpose an item is to Do It Yourself.  Turn it into what you envision. Devise a new use for it.  This creative process is yours, and no one else can do it for you.

Stay tuned, more to come…


2 thoughts on “repurposing/DIY

  1. locked my keys in vehicle, you got them out…couldn’t get my router to work, you got it going…between you and David, I don’t need no other handyman…lol…

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