Now there’s a term you might not be familiar with – so what is bikepacking?!?

It’s like backpacking, but instead of hiking to get where you’re going, you ride a bike.  Some people strap packs or panniers to their bike to carry what they need, some choose to pull a small trailer. For mountain bikers and those who prefer the rougher terrain, a single wheel trailer called a B.O.B. (Beast Of Burden) seems to be the favorite.  It’s designed to track well over obstacles, and is no wider than the bike’s handlebars;  meaning if the bike fits through, so will the trailer.  But wow, those things aren’t cheap!

My homemade version is built from a couple of folding chairs, a few bike parts, and an old trucker’s tarp.  These pics show the trailer frame in the initial design stages.  A big “thanks!” to my good friend David who offered his welding skills to make this happen.

The following pics show the finished product – I’m very happy with it!  It tracks perfectly and carries as much as I throw on it.  It’s just odd enough that I get a lot of questions and complements from other bikers on the trail.


If you want to see video of it in action, check out my testing videos: Bike Trailer-1 & Bike Trailer-2.


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  1. Tobi

    Gotta love your “ocd”….lol!

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