Logo_Geocaching_color_300Most of the time when I mention geocaching, folks get that funny look on their face – like they’re trying to decipher the term but don’t really have a clue.  Here is what I tell them:

Geocaching is an outdoor adventure game using multi-million dollar government satellites to find Tupperware containers stuffed with cheap trinkets hidden in the woods.

Huh?!? Still confused? Watch this video:

To me, geocaching is a great excuse to break away from the TV & computer-induced virtual world that many of us reside in.  You’ll find that some caches are clean, easy hides in downtown parking lots, while others require enough planning and stamina for an all day hike.  But regardless of the difficulty level, geocaching is a real boots-in-the-dirt, hands-on, tangible outdoor romp – couldn’t we all benefit from a little outdoor time?

My youngest daughter, Hallie, has really taken to the sport, and has developed quite the sixth sense when it comes to tracking these things down.  We have also designed, built, and hidden almost 30 geocaches to be enjoyed by folks in this area, plus one that I placed in PA which I check on and maintain every time we’re up visiting family.

Here are a few pics from the last year or so, highlighting some great times shared outdoors:

(You can click any pic to view a larger slideshow)
And the best part of all . . .

It’s FREE !!!

Yeah, for real!  How many things can you say that about nowadays?!? Anyone can sign up for a free membership to and get coordinates for caches in their area. You can then use a handheld GPS to track `em down, or there are lots of free apps to choose from if you’d rather cache with your smartphone.  Even a short drive to town or a lengthy road trip can become a geocaching adventure by simply looking for caches along the route.

These things are EVERYWHERE and many are hidden in plain site.

If you’re curious enough to see what’s hidden in your neck of the woods, click the colorful logo at the top of this post to visit the website.  Then click the “Hide&Seek a Cache” button, and enter your zip code.  Bet you never knew there was an adventure waiting just outside your door . . .


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  1. haha, hacked by hallie:D love the pics dad!!!!!!!!!!

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