Time Off – The Unmastered Art

I’m sure some of you have breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that perhaps the Klaussinator has finally succumbed to quietness, and that these incessant rants would no longer interrupt your otherwise gloriously peaceful days.  Well I hope you enjoyed your twenty-two days of bliss – for alas, I’m back!

Life will tend to run away with you if you’ll allow it to, and sometimes this can happen in ways that you don’t even recognize.  For the last month or so, I’d become overwhelmed by all the day-to-day busyness, and was either too brain-dead to compile my thoughts for a blog, or literally fell asleep trying to type them. I could have published one particularly intriguing late-night novel, but three continuous pages of “ggggggggggg…” would surely have baffled some of you. (The letter “g” is typically where my nose first makes contact with the keyboard during those prolonged moments of deep interspection.)

My job, in and of itself, is not all that chaotic. But there are those moments which seem to come in waves when everything hits all at once. Despite my best efforts to take it in stride, the duty-overload must have been showing through my normally calm, cool, and exceptionally buff exterior.  (Ok, who am I trying to kid? I’m not always calm and cool.)  Anyway, I got an email from our administrator (my boss) expressing his concern that I needed to take some time off.  Please understand, this is not something I do regularly, and it is generally reserved for trips to PA with my family rather than for the simple purpose of getting away from work for a while. I guess my boss anticipated I’d raise a stink about his wonderful idea, because his message contained the line, “NO ARGUMENT PLEASE.” Yes, it was in all caps – and I got the message. I had become a grump, and needed some time to recover.

When we talked about it later, I reluctantly agreed to take a day or two, sighting the need to “take care of some stuff at home” as a reason, rather than just bowing to the fact that I had been told to do so. I ended up skipping out a few hours here and there, plus managing to take one complete and total day off work. I was quite proud of myself, although a little bit of guilt crept in every time my phone rang and I forced myself to ignore it. Finally I was proving not only to our administrator, but to myself, that I could indeed take a day off, free from the never-ending lists of stuff that beg for my attention . . .

Yeah, right!

Let’s just say that after one blissful day of replacing both bathroom floors at home, that I was quite ready to “get back to work.” For those of you who hire professionals to do your dirty work, I will attempt to enlighten you as to all the joyous aspects of such a job. To put it simply, in order to replace the floor, one must first remove everything that sits on top of said floor. Things like the toilet, which will undoubtedly find a way to dribble the last of its disgusting contents into your shoe when moved from its mount. Things like the bezillion pieces of baseboard trim that all have to be recut because they refuse to fit back in place where they came from. Things like that one small chunk of wood that found its way underneath an otherwise perfectly smooth, beautiful piece of brand new vinyl flooring… poking up there, looking at me, saying “now watcha gonna do with me, sucka?!?”

My knees hurt, my fingers were all cut up, and now my floor was taunting me. Oh, how I yearned for a workday. Suddenly it all made sense – I wasn’t a workaholic, but I wasn’t stupid either! I know a good thing when I have it.

I suppose in time I may master the art of the day off; but until then, I’ll happily plug away at the tasks I’m paid to take care of.

This “day off” stuff is rough, man!


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2 thoughts on “Time Off – The Unmastered Art

  1. Tobi

    Thank you for doing the floors….they look great …..even if I have had to wait since mid February ❤

  2. Lori

    Maybe the grumpiness isn’t cuz of busyness… maybe you’re worried for your son ❤

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