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Garden shed by RusticWayThere is a growing trend toward extreme downsizing by people who are willing to create a new norm – one that challenges the thoughts about how big a home really needs to be.  These individuals, who for various reasons have rearranged the priorities of their material lives, have decided to focus their money, time, and resources on pursuits other than paying for and maintaining large, lavish homes.  The quaint crooked hobbit-house pictured here represents the Seuss-like nightmare that most folks conjure up when they think about extreme downsizing;  when in reality, companies worldwide are designing and producing homes in the under-300 square foot range which are amazingly efficient, affordable, and uniquely inviting.  Understandably, being able to compare the size of your entire home to that of some master bathrooms does not appeal to everybody; but the trends of recent years prove that tiny houses are indeed becoming BIG business.

The “McMansions” which dominate today’s residential landscapes are said to be primarily bank-owned, and most of these families will never see the day when their home is owned free and clear.  While common sense says that downsizing is not a good fit for all families, those who choose to make it work will find the benefits are far-reaching.  For example, how much money would you save each month if you no longer had a mortgage payment?  How many hours a week would free-up if it only took less than one hour to clean your entire house?  What if your utility bills dropped to below one-third what you presently pay?  What if you could take your home with you when it was time to make a move?  Think about it – In how many ways could your house actually be keeping you from pursuing your passions?

If this all sounds foolishly appalling to you, then just kick back in your big drafty domicile and watch another episode of “Cribs” on that 60″ plasma.  But if there’s even a hint of interest about how simplifying your living arrangements could allow you to re-prioritize your life, then take a look at some of the tiny houses already out there, and the people and the ideas behind them . . .

Welcome to the

tiny house revolution


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