Another page of insanity

This blog has been a major undertaking for me.  Not so much because I really can’t type well, or because it’s nearly impossible to organize into some sort of sensible prose the muddled swarm of thoughts inside my head; but rather it’s due to the plain simple fact that there just aren’t enough hours in the day.  I’ve conditioned myself to run on two and a half hours of sleep per night so I have more time left to be productive (well, ok – not really.  But some days that’s how it feels.)  Point is, things always seem to take longer than expected since life can become such a busy high-gear rush.

There – I have given my excuse for why some of the page tabs at the top of my blog still read “more to come…”  These pages should have been completely filled with jargon and pictures detailing my multi-faceted weirdnesses when this blog was first published.  But alas, I’m still grinding away trying to find tangible content to fill these voids so I can prove to anyone curious enough to look, that I am indeed passionately involved in multiple insane hobbies simultaneously.

One such escape from the afore-mentioned rush is camping.  For me, time spent outdoors is time well spent.  Camping is a way to break free from the daily routine of climate-controlled indulgences, and to actually enjoy what God provided for us in the first place.  Ok, but why hammock camping?  People always seem to have questions…

Q:  “Don’t you have a house?”
A:  Yes, I have a house, and my house has beds, and yes, I’m allowed to sleep in them.
Q:  “Aren’t you afraid of animals?”
A:  Nope.  My biggest fear is that the critters all gather around and laugh at me while I’m snoring.
Q:  “Does your wife go with you?”
A:  Not a chance.  Unlike the critters, she gets a good night’s rest when I snore somewhere else.
Q:  “But what if you have to pee in the middle of the night?”
All right – question & answer time is over!

So if you’re into all that outdoor kind of stuff, check out my hammock camping page.  And if you’re not, because you’re afraid of the woods, then you’ll probably sneak a peek anyway – just to see what a guy who only sleeps two and a half hours a day does with all his free time, ha ha!


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2 thoughts on “Another page of insanity

  1. Lori

    some night we’re gonna sneak out and light a fire underneath your hammock! jk. you’d shoot us before we got close enough! haha

  2. Tobi

    I feel sorry for the critters…lol!

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