Hate to admit my wife was right…

…but she was.

She really believed that if I post it, someone will read it.  OK, almost 400 views in less than 48 hrs for a brand new blog means one of two things:  (1) either folks were just plain curious to try and find out how I’m wired (mis-wired?), or (2) there are other freaks out there who hear in colors, and after work will jump in an old recycled VW to search for Tupperware hidden in the woods and maybe hang overnight in the trees since they haven’t yet built their Yugo-sized dreamhouse.

Either way, I’m now responsible to present to you delicious distractions from the normal on an almost daily basis.  Seems quite a burden, but if I can just put my fingers to the keys and share the day’s happenings, thoughts, creations and situations, I should be fine.  I’m not one to make vain promises, so committing to serve up a new post every single day wouldn’t be cool, because there will be days when it just ain’t gonna happen.  I will however do my best to share with you the craziness of my life as it manifests.  Please respond with your thoughts — I need reassurance that I’m not the only whack-job out here!

I’m working on building the sub-pages as time allows, so if one of these fringe hobbies interests you, be sure to check that page from time to time.  Even after they’re built, I intend to update them often.

Also, when I checked the blog tonight, I discovered ads popping up on the main page.  Ahh, the joys of free hosting, huh?!? I think they come and go randomly, so please bear with me until I can find (afford?) a way around them.  My intent in the future is to post links or ads to cool stuff or sites that I’m blabbing about, but these will be valid points of interest that I think you’ll find pertinent – no random ads!

Well if this post is going to make it to the blog today, I’ve only got three minutes left to hit the “publish” button.  Thanks again for the amazing support!  Now go tell all your friends, “Hey, there’s another nut-job on the net — y`oughtta take a look!”


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5 thoughts on “Hate to admit my wife was right…

  1. Connie Atkinson

    I enjoy reading what’s happening. Keep it up!

  2. doing a great job, Mike 🙂

  3. Jamelle Shields

    I think this is great! 😃I’m already looking forward to your next blog!

  4. Tobi

    LOL…..I’m always right ;)))))

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