Well, here we go!

After much unrelenting encouragement from my wife, I finally got my butt in gear and started this thing.  I’m told I have the gift of (ocasionally eloquent) gab, and that I have been dumping way too much precious time into the pursuit of curious, uncommon hobbies.  So the next logical step…?  Blog about it!  That’s right, share it with the world, on the odd chance there may be another poor soul who finds it intriguing, perhaps even inspiring.

We shall see . . .

Ordinary life is like a rich novel, if we’ll only take the time to drink it in.  Each day, a new chapter;  sometimes mixing laughter with struggles, sometimes leaving us with questions that can’t be immediately answered.  But always we are slapped with the reassuring proof that we’re not so different as we may piously wish to believe.  This melodic rhythm of daily chaos is our offering to share with each other.  And by sharing, we find a bond, a reason to walk together through this crazy wonderful thing we call life, unscripted.

Geez, blogging is hard work! 4 am is way too late to feel inspired or look coherent!
Zzzzzzzz . . .
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11 thoughts on “Well, here we go!

  1. Don Miner

    have read your posts on the samba, now here too. Great stuff. Keep it up!

  2. Aaron

    this is cute

  3. Cyndy

    cool picture of the countryside!

    • Thanks, I love that shot! That’s from a few years back, one of our day trips up to the Blue Ridge Parkway here in VA.
      Tell Ray to check out the “mixin it up” page . . .

  4. Connie Atkinson

    I think that this is great! Keep it up!

  5. kristie putt

    Nice Mike.

  6. Joseph "JT" Crawley Jr.

    Totally, Love the idea! Can’t wait for daily updates!You go Klaussy One!

  7. Tobi

    Great job..told you so…lol;))

  8. Hallie

    interesting dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

  9. Hillary

    So intriguing!

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